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Network Engineer Overview

A network engineer is responsible for supervising the entire computer network of a company. They are responsible for making sure the systems are functioning as intended. A network engineer must link all computers with the central computer and ensure that all programs and files are available to each computer as necessary. They must also link the computers to machines such as fax machines, printers, and telephones. Communication device management such as cellular phone maintenance also falls under this job description. The network engineer is responsible for developing, installing, updating, and maintaining everything associated with the network including upgrading software and hardware and incorporating new devices.

Job Duties

The network engineer has many duties central to the job. They must manage all of the user accounts on the network. This includes setting permissions and managing virus protection. They must keep a documented list of any network issues and subsequent resolutions. They are responsible for any troubleshooting that is required including issues with servers and individual computers. The network engineer must also configure all equipment to fit the system. They install any new hardware or software on all of the computers and devices. In addition to these the network engineer has a role in determining security procedures, creating back-ups for all systems, and monitoring system performance.

How to become a(n) Network Engineer

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Career Outlook

Network engineers saw a mild increase in the median salary from last year. That is a good sign that the job prospects are on the rise. With new technology being released on a constant basis, company systems will continue to evolve. That means that network engineers will be needed to keep companies up and running. Technology isn't going anywhere and neither will this position. Growth is projected as long as network engineers continue to learn and develop new skills.

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Salary Projections

The median salary for this position in the United States is around $79,000. That is a slight increase from 2009. This rate takes in to account all geographic areas and experience levels. For network engineers with less experience compensation starts around $71,000. For those with significant experience of more than twenty years compensation falls around $86,000. The range in salary for different experience levels is not as vast as many other IT positions. Network engineers in the northeastern parts of the country will make higher salaries than those in the southern regions. Salaries are also higher out west in places like California.

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