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Information Systems Manager

Information systems managers are ultimately responsible for the function and administration of technology in their businesses or organizations.

Information Systems Manager Overview

Information systems managers are ultimately responsible for the function and administration of technology in their businesses or organizations. These professionals hold at least a bachelor’s degree and are the planners and directors of all business activities that relate to computers. An information systems manager takes a company’s goals and comes up with computer technology, hardware and software that help the company meet those goals. In addition to these responsibilities, an information systems manager takes care of computer security and departmental issues that vary depending on the organization.

Job Duties List
The main job of information systems managers is to manage the technological affairs of a company or organization. This includes any and all business plans related to computers or software implementation. As managers, these workers are usually responsible for staff members who work under them. Information systems managers assign duties to staff members and make sure they are working. As second- to third-tier management in a company, information systems managers report to a supervisor or upper-level management. As for managerial duties, information systems managers are also usually tasked with development of departmental budgets as well as budgeting for equipment on a company-wide level. They are also expected to keep their knowledge of the latest technologies up-to-date to help the company stay as current, technologically, as possible.

How to become a(n) Information Systems Manager

Information Systems Managers are one of the fastest growing careers in the tech industry and Infosec is proud to offer a variety of training courses to help students get their foot in the door. Our Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) course provides everything you need to go from Analyst to Management!

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Common Courses for Information Systems Manager

CISM Training Boot Camp

You will leave the Infosec CISM boot camp with the knowledge and expertise to successfully pass the CISM exam the first time you take it. Our boot camp currently has the highest pass rate in the industry — 94%!

CISSP Certification Training and Boot Camp

You will leave the Infosec CISSP boot camp with the knowledge and domain expertise to successfully pass the CISSP exam the first time that you take it. We have a 'best-in-the-industry' 93% pass-rate.

CASP+ Training Boot Camp

The goal of this authorized CompTIA CASP+ boot camp training course is to provide IT professionals with the most comprehensive, accelerated learning environment for the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) exam.

Career Outlook

The field of computer and information systems management has been projected to grow by 17 percent by the year 2020. This is an average to good rate of growth for a computer-related field. Future job prospects are reported to be excellent in the field of information systems management as new technologies and ways to apply them continue to be developed.

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Salary Projections

Salary levels and hourly wages for information systems managers tend to vary depending on the organization, level of specialty, education and responsibilities. Average annual wages stand at about $112,000, with a bottom level earnings total of $88,240 and a top level of $141,890. Information systems manager jobs at all income levels also generally come with benefits including expense accounts, stock options and bonuses that are not taken into consideration in average wage totals.

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