Develop in-demand secure coding skills

Infosec Skills provides hands-on training for teams looking to implement secure coding methodologies.

Three steps to learn secure coding

Unlock your team's full potential with Infosec Skills

1. Identify knowledge gaps

Don’t waste time learning what you already know. Infosec Skills assessments provide insight into your level of secure coding expertise.

2. Close skills gaps with role-based training

You’ll gain practical secure coding experience and build skills that apply directly to your experience level and job role.

3. Get hands-on secure coding experience

We all learn better when we learn by doing. Launch a cyber range in one click and explore real-world secure coding scenarios inside interactive labs.

Secure coders equal better products from applications to software.

With Infosec Skills, you can create a team of secure coders that protect against security vulnerabilities like bugs, defects and logic flaws.

Maximize your employee training and development budget with award-winning education.

Train on your team’s schedule with unlimited access to 100s of courses and hands-on cyber ranges — or upgrade to a boot camp for live, instructor-led training guaranteed to certify your team on their first attempt.

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Track team growth inside Infosec Skills

Get at-a-glance views of your team’s training progress directly inside Infosec Skills, or use the API to integrate learner data into your existing learning management system (LMS).


Why Infosec?

Infosec believes knowledge is power when fighting cybercrime. As the leading cybersecurity education company, we empower people to be cyber-safe at work and home and help IT and security professionals achieve their career goals. It’s our mission to equip all organizations and individuals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to outsmart cybercrime.