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About CertNexus Certified IoT Security Practitioner

Securing IoT systems can be a complicated proposition, involving hazards that many IT workers have never had to deal with. Solutions may involve resource-constrained IoT devices and technologies from many different vendors. IoT devices may be installed in vulnerable locations, and new network devices and protocols add complexity to the overall network architecture.

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Certified Internet of Things Security Practitioner Practice Exam

Assessment - 29 questions

Managing IoT Risks

Course - 00:32:00

As an Internet of Things (IoT) security practitioner, you are responsible for protecting the security and privacy of organizations and personnel using IoT systems. The size and complexity of this task will be overwhelming unless you have a strategy for breaking it down into solvable problems and deciding which problems must be tackled first. A risk management approach to cybersecurity will help you accomplish this.
Securing cloud and web interfaces

Course - 01:18:00

The Internet of Things (IoT) builds heavily on the technology foundations established by the World Wide Web and cloud computing. IoT depends heavily on web and cloud technologies and is subject to all of the privacy and security threats that accompany those technologies.
Securing data

Course - 01:32:00

IoT technologies may provide a vast increase in the quality and volume of data available to users and organizations, and with this comes an even greater need to ensure that data is secure when it is stored, processed and transferred.
Controlling access to IoT resources

Course - 01:02:00

The IoT security practitioner should aim to ensure that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of IoT resources are maintained. These goals are largely achieved through the three related concepts of authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA).
Securing IoT networks

Course - 01:19:00

IoT makes use of a wide variety of different networking technologies. Some types of networks have been extended to provide support for low-power IoT devices, while others have been created or adapted specifically to support IoT edge networks. New types of devices, such as IoT gateways, have been added to provide support for the special needs of IoT networking. All of these technologies present an attack surface that the IoT Security Practitioner must consider when protecting IoT systems.
Ensuring privacy

Course - 00:51:00

As an Internet of Things (IoT) Security Practitioner, you should be concerned about data privacy not only from the perspective of protecting users, but also protecting the organizations that you represent. Violations of data privacy can have consequences affecting customers, harm the organization's reputation and put intellectual property or trade secrets at risk. And failure to protect data properly may also have legal consequences to the organizations entrusted with that data.
Managing software and firmware risks

Course - 01:00:00

A wide variety of security issues are caused by flaws in software throughout its entire life cycle — from development, deployment and maintenance through its retirement.
Promoting physical security

Course - 00:17:00

You've protected the security of your IoT systems through careful design and configuration of your networks, development or selection of secure software, attention to updates and patches, application of secure authentication and authorization, monitoring and numerous other considerations. However, when an attacker gains physical access to devices, many of your protections are rendered moot.

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