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About Certified Mobile Forensics Examiner (CMFE)

This learning path builds your mobile forensics skills and prepares you to earn your Certified Mobile Forensics Examiner (CMFE) certification. You'll learn the foundations of mobile forensics as you progress through five courses tied to the primary CMFE certification exam objectives, including discovering different types of evidence, analyzing and extracting evidence from different types of mobile devices, and reporting on your forensics findings. Upon completion, you'll be prepared to earn your CMFE certification and have a proven base of knowledge around conducting mobile forensics investigations.



CMFE Skill Assessment

Assessment - 75 questions

CMFE Practice Exam

Assessment - 75 questions

Custom CMFE Practice Exam

Assessment - 75 questions

Introduction to Mobile Forensics

Course - 00:44:00

Mobile phone technology is one of the most rapidly evolving areas in tech today, and that makes investigating it a challenge. Our four-video course takes a closer look at mobile forensics, including tools, examples and notable issues the investigator is likely to encounter: dead-box versus live forensics, volatile and nonvolatile memory, Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards, the mobile device seizure process, details of individual mobile OSes, information retrieval methods and more.
Mobile Forensics Process

Course - 01:31:00

The phone has become the center of a person’s life. It contains numbers, contacts, apps, files, music … and evidence. Refresh your knowledge of the mobile forensics process with this course covering everything you need to know about phone types, mobile OS versions, types of evidence and where each one is found, device identification, cellular network evidence and more. What do you do if you need evidence from a phone that was found soaking in liquid? How do you isolate a phone from the network or preserve its volatile memory? All this and more can be found in this course. Includes vocabulary, examples and diagrams.
Android Forensics

Course - 02:03:00

Android occupies the lion’s share of the mobile OS market, and any forensic examiner worth their salt will have to dig into an Android mobile OS at one point or another. Get to grips with the details of Android forensics with this course covering the fundamentals of Android structure and data storage, the Android security model, data recovery, potential hazards, tools and more. Includes vocabulary, diagrams and example processes.
iOS Forensics

Course - 01:23:00

iOS is famously difficult to crack, and Apple is not likely to help you break into a captured device. But that doesn’t mean a forensic investigator is in trouble just yet. With this course, you’ll review the fundamentals of iOS forensics, including iOS structure, system security, passcodes, data acquisition and backups. Review your options for cracking various apps and recognize what may or may not be considered valid when presented in court.
Windows Phone and Feature Phone Forensics

Course - 00:51:00

Though Windows Phone and feature phones have a smaller share of the market, the forensic investigator is still likely to encounter them. However, they may be more of a challenge. In this course, you’ll get to grips with the details of Windows phone and feature phone forensics, including data acquisition, the use of third-party apps, common feature phone models, useful tools and more.

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