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ICS/SCADA Cyber Range: Lights Out Capture the Flag

Put on your white hat and try to prevent a major disaster from happening by solving 10 ICS/SCADA pentesting challenges.

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Lights Out Capture the Flag (CTF) overview

You are the whitehat. You’ve become aware of a plot to launch a proof-of-concept cyber-attack against a large sports stadium in which the attackers will take over the facility’s power management system and turn out the lights during a Sunday night sporting event. Your mission is to convince local authorities and stadium management that the threat is real before time runs out. You must walk them through the same process that hackers have already taken to compromise an insecure Linux server running the power management software for the stadium. Your ultimate goal is to craft a URL used by the server to authenticate with and control the SCADA devices. With this, you will be able to illuminate authorities and management — by putting them in the dark.



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