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Web Browser Security

Browsing the web is one of the two biggest malware risks with Windows 10, with email being the second. Learn how to secure the Edge web browser in your Windows 10 hosts to keep malware away from your computer.

3 videos  //  14 minutes of training

Course description

Learn how to secure the Edge web browser in this course, as well as utilizing local policies to protect everyone who uses your computer even when you’re away from it. Local policies can secure the types of sites a user visits, the font they use and theme they experience. These policies can also keep hackers from taking over your computer while browsing the web.

Course syllabus

Edge Security FeaturesDuration: 3:21

The web browser Microsoft Edge is examined to keep your computer safe.

Edge Security Features DemoDuration: 6:56

Edge security features are demonstrated to show you how to stay safe when browsing the web.

Configuring Internet Options for Local Group PolicyDuration: 3:31

You can lock down certain features in Edge with this video for all users of your Windows 10 host.

Meet the author

Robert McMillen


Robert McMillen started his career as an IT administrator for a manufacturing company after earning his CompTIA A+. He quickly learned how to fix and troubleshoot desktops and laptops, but his real passions were networking and server administration. Shortly after, he earned his first MCSE and Cisco CCNA and has continued with various certifications over the years (now over 50). He earned a Microsoft Certified Trainer certification and seven MCSEs. He started a successful consulting company in 2001 and eventually sold it in 2017 to focus on teaching networking and security in college and being a video and book author. Some interesting jobs he's performed include restoring the Enron emails for the Justice Department, training troops headed to Iraq on network security, and managing a billion dollar merger of Cisco network and Microsoft technologies.

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