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Machine Learning for Social Engineering

Expand the impact of your social engineering by arming yourself with the latest machine learning-based social engineering tools and methods.

7 videos  //  17 minutes of training

Course description

This course will cover some of the latest breakthrough machine learning techniques in social engineering. You will learn automated spearphishing, speech recognition and impersonation, deepfake video creation and fake video detection, and automatic personality analysis.

Course syllabus

OverviewDuration: 1:10

Twitter Spearphishing BotDuration: 3:24

Speech RecognitionDuration: 2:24

Voice ImpersonationDuration: 2:24

DeepfakeDuration: 2:37

Fake Image and Video DetectionDuration: 2:33

Personality AnalysisDuration: 1:59

Meet the author

Emmanuel Tsukerman


Dr. Tsukerman graduated from Stanford University and UC Berkeley. In 2017, his machine-learning-based anti-ransomware product won Top 10 Ransomware Products by PC Magazine. In 2018, he designed a machine-learning-based malware detection system for Palo Alto Network's WildFire service (over 30,000 customers). In 2019, Dr. Tsukerman authored the Machine Learning for Cybersecurity Cookbook and launched Infosec Skills Cybersecurity Data Science learning path.

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