Kubernetes Security

Kubernetes won the container orchestration race. Learn how it works and how to deploy containers and keep your cluster secure.

18 videos  //  357 minutes of training

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Course description

Kubernetes has dominated the container orchestration ecosystem. During the move to a cloud-native infrastructure, it’s crucial to understand how Kubernetes works with a security frame of mind. This course covers the fundamentals of Kubernetes and advanced topics.

Course syllabus

Introduction to KubernetesDuration: 28:56

Kubernetes Cluster, API and etcdDuration: 24:19

Kubernetes Nodes, Pods and kubletDuration: 20:50

Kubernetes Services, Labes and NamespacesDuration: 28:28

Kubernetes and NetworkingDuration: 16:01

Kubernetes Security DesignDuration: 16:41

Kubernetes Authentication and AuthorizationDuration: 17:30

Kublet Security and Managing SecretsDuration: 20:06

Kubernetes Pod, Network Policies and 3rd Party IntegrationsDuration: 19:32

Kubernetes Logging and AuditingDuration: 19:29

Preventing Resource ExhaustionDuration: 18:37

Helm, and Application DeploymentDuration: 22:03

Master HardeningDuration: 13:41

Node HardeningDuration: 15:50

Pod Security and AvailabilityDuration: 19:17

Monitoring the Cluster for AttacksDuration: 17:35

Securing the Cluster from the External NetworkDuration: 21:03

Integration with CI/CD SystemsDuration: 17:06

Meet the author

Matt Tesauro


Matt Tesauro specializes in using containers for continuous security at AppSec Pipelines and is a founder of 10Security.

Prior work includes Senior AppSec Engineer roles at Duo Security, Pearson and Rackspace. Matt has 20+ years specializing in application and cloud security. He is a project leader for OWASP AppSec Pipeline & DefectDojo projects. The AppSec Pipeline project brings DevOps lessons to AppSec while DefectDojo is an application that normalizes output from 70+ different security tools. He holds two degrees from Texas A&M University and several security and Linux certifications.

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eLearning Content

Infosec Skills

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Best Product - Cybersecurity Training for Infosec Professionals

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