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Implement Active Directory Certificate Services

In this course on implementing Active Directory Certificate Services, you'll get to grips with the intricacies of certificates and certificate administration, installation, enrollment and more.

7 videos  //  52 minutes of training

Course description

Now it’s time to implement Active Directory Certificate Services. In this course, you’ll explore AD CS planning, installing root certificates and preparing offline root certificates, installing a subordinate certificate, administering certificates and more. There’ll also be a quick visit from another of our great instructors (hint, his initials are M.M.) to talk over the basics of certificates, certificate authorities and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Course syllabus

Certificates with MikeDuration: 6:32

AD CS PlanningDuration: 11:32

Installing Root CAsDuration: 10:37

Preparing an Offline Root CADuration: 6:16

Installing a Subordinate CADuration: 6:12

Administering CAsDuration: 5:17

Enrollment, Renewal and RevocationDuration: 6:02

Meet the author

Barbara Andrews


Barbara Andrews has 20+ years of IT experience starting with Windows NT back in 1996. She's worked with almost all of Microsoft’s products, including Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, Business Intelligence, System Center, Azure, Office 365 and Hyper-V. She's trained 6000+ working professionals and consulted with many public and private organizations across many different industries. Barbara holds Microsoft industry credentials — including MCT, MCSE, MCITP, MCSA, MCDBA and MCP — and is a HPE Certified Trainer (Master HPE ASE) and SalesForce Admin. She currently works from her home in Anaheim, California, teaching adult students from around the world. She's been married to her husband, Arthur, for 23 years and has two children. In her spare time she can be found hiking Southern California or kayaking Newport Harbor.

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