Firewall Security, Routing and VPNs

Take a look at the Windows Defender firewall and how it's configured to protect from inside and outside threats.

8 videos  //  69 minutes of training

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Course description

In this course, you’ll learn to protect your servers by blocking open ports in your firewall and making sure your computer is up to date. These are just some of the topics covered in this course on hardening techniques. You’ll also learn how to create custom firewall rules and what types of ports are most vulnerable to your host computer.

Course syllabus

Windows Firewall OverviewDuration: 2:59

An overview of Windows Defender Firewall for Windows Server.

Windows Defender Firewall Inbound Rules DemoDuration: 13:48

Windows Firewall is a great way to keep yourself safe from hackers, and this video discusses all the options.

Windows Defender Firewall Outbound Rules DemoDuration: 6:43

Inbound traffic is demonstrated, using the firewall to open or close access to IP ports.

Windows Defender Firewall Using Group Policy DemoDuration: 8:30

Windows Server allows an administrator to create default firewall rules for users to enforce port security.

Windows Router Network Address Translation DemoDuration: 7:17

A demonstration of setting up a Windows router for NAT.

Windows Router to Segment Subnets DemoDuration: 11:35

Windows router can be used to separate two or more networks, which is demonstrated here to add security between subnets.

Windows Router VPN DemonstrationDuration: 10:02

A demonstration of installing and configuring VPN options for Windows Server and clients.

NPS DemoDuration: 7:58

A demonstration of installing and configuring network policy using NPS on a Windows server.

Meet the author

Robert McMillen


Robert McMillen started his career as an IT administrator for a manufacturing company after earning his CompTIA A+. He quickly learned how to fix and troubleshoot desktops and laptops, but his real passions were networking and server administration. Shortly after, he earned his first MCSE and Cisco CCNA and has continued with various certifications over the years (now over 50). He earned a Microsoft Certified Trainer certification and seven MCSEs. He started a successful consulting company in 2001 and eventually sold it in 2017 to focus on teaching networking and security in college and being a video and book author.

Some interesting jobs he's performed include restoring the Enron emails for the Justice Department, training troops headed to Iraq on network security, and managing a billion dollar merger of Cisco network and Microsoft technologies.

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IDC MarketScape Leader: U.S. IT Training

Infosec Skills

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eLearning Content

Infosec Skills

Best Product - Cybersecurity Training for Infosec Professionals

Best Product - Cybersecurity Training for Infosec Professionals

Infosec Skills

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Security Education & Platform

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Ranked #52 in Top 100 Global Software Sellers