cPP Network Device Evaluation Course

In this course, you'll explore the official CC documentation and vendor documentation used for a cPPND evaluation.

3 hours, 27 minutes

Course description

Explore the required documentation for a cPPND evaluation. Next, take a deep dive into what a Security Target is. Learn how to scope the target of evaluation (TOE) and write a Security Target (ST). The course goes on to describe the Vendor Documentation required for a cPPND evaluation. Finally, we look at what to expect once the CCTL submits your product's evaluation package to the CC authorizing scheme.


Scope your TOE - Project Instructions

File - 00:10:00

Conduct internal testing, lab testing — What to expect — Final package and getting product officially certified

Video - 00:05:00

Conduct internal testing and get the product officially certified.
Entropy document

Video - 00:10:00

Exploring an entropy document.
Write an AGD & write test plan

Video - 00:12:00

Write an AGD and write a test plan.
TOE Summary Specifications, Security Assurance Requirements (SAR) & threats, assumptions and objectives

Video - 00:11:00

TOE Summary Specifications, Security Assurance Requirements (SAR) and threats, assumptions and objectives.
Trusted Path/Channels (FTP and TLS)

Video - 00:18:00

A look at Trusted Path/Channels (FTP) and TLS.
Trusted Path/Channels (FTP and SSH)

Video - 00:14:00

A look at Trusted Path/Channels (FTP) and SSH.
Protection of the TSF (FPT) & TOE Access (FTA)

Video - 00:14:00

A look at protection of the TSF (FPT) and TOE access (FTA).
Security Management (FMT)

Video - 00:09:00

A look at Security Management (FMT).
Identification and Authentication (FIA)

Video - 00:12:00

A look at Identification and Authentication (FIA).
Cryptographic Support (FCS)

Video - 00:14:00

A look at Cryptographic Support (FCS).
Security Audit (FAU)

Video - 00:14:00

A look at the Security Audit (FAU).
Security Functional Requirements deep dive

Video - 00:10:00

Security Functional Requirements deep dive.
How to scope your TOE

Video - 00:07:00

How to scope your TOE. (Project answers)
How to scope your TOE - project

Video - 00:07:00

How to scope your TOE. (Project)
Security Target introduction

Video - 00:11:00

Overview of Security Target (ST) and the ST introduction.
Overview of required cPP ND vendor documentation

Video - 00:09:00

A high-level overview of cPP Network Devices (cPPND) vendor documentation required for Common Criteria.
Common Criteria documentation

Video - 00:09:00

A high-level overview of Common Criteria documentation.
cPP/PP evaluation overview

Video - 00:11:00

A high-level overview of a cPP Common Criteria evaluation.

Meet the author

Debra Baker

Debra Baker has over 20 years of information security experience, beginning with her time in the United States Air Force (USAF). After leaving the Air Force, she worked at IBM. She left IBM to work as a PKI integrator at Entrust Technologies. She then moved into governance, risk and compliance when she became a Common Criteria Evaluator at Cygnacom. Her Common Criteria experience continued on the vendor side, providing her expertise to multiple large-scale vendors while at Corsec and then at Cisco while on the Global Certification Team. She founded a new authoritative cryptographic knowledge base called Crypto Done Right which began as a collaboration between Cisco and Johns Hopkins University. 


Debra was recently named as one of the top 100 Women in Cybersecurity in the book Women Know Cyber: 100 Fascinating Females Fighting Cybercrime. She also is a contributor to the Language of Cybersecurity book. She frequently speaks at security conferences. She currently is a Sr Technical Program Manager at RedSeal. She is responsible for all product certifications, including Common Criteria, DOD-UCAPL, FIPS-140, SOC2 and FedRAMP. In addition, she manages large-scale customer deployments and leads an internal threat team that reviews the latest threats and how to defend using RedSeal.


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