Cloud Security

Take a deep dive into cloud security, the rules and regulations governing security and various tools and services needed to protect the cloud.

13 videos  //  82 minutes of training

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Course description

This course explores how to keep the cloud secure. Explore policies, standards and compliance before looking at authentication and authorization considerations. Then delve into encryption, account management, security tools, services, models and automation possibilities.

Course syllabus

Security PoliciesDuration: 5:42

Effective security for cloud computing begins with well-planned and documented security policies. This episode introduces security policies and the role they play in cloud computing.

Standards and Compliance DemoDuration: 5:16

This episode explains standards and compliance. Several regulatory and industry regulations and guidelines may impose requirements on different network types and this episode explains how to plan for them.

Identity, Authentication, and AuthorizationDuration: 7:50

It is important to know who is accessing your cloud resources. This begins with identity management and authentication. This episode introduces identity, authentication and authorization.

Multi-Factor AuthenticationDuration: 4:41

Authorization is used to validate the rights of an acting entity on an object of that action. For example, it is used to validate that a user is allows to read or write to a given file.

Authorization LabDuration: 8:31

Authorization was explained in a preceding episode; however, this episode goes deeper into authorization to help you determine the objects that will require authorization and the methods used for access control.

EncryptionDuration: 7:58

When storing data in the cloud, a lot of trust is placed on the cloud network administrators. To provide protection against internal threats, encryption can be used. This episode explains encryption at rest and at transit and some common ciphers available.

Compute Security DemoDuration: 6:39

Just as you must secure physical servers on your network, you must secure servers in the cloud. This episode is focused on hardening cloud compute instances and best practices for doing so.

Account Management LabDuration: 7:07

Cloud solution accounts are used to provide access to cloud resources. These accounts should be secured and this episode explains how.

Segmentation LabDuration: 4:53

Segmentation is implemented in various ways in cloud computing. This episode explains three different segmentations methods often used in the cloud.

Security Tools DemoDuration: 7:10

It is important to understand the security tools available in your chosen cloud service provider. It is also important to understand the scope of impact from any tools used. This episode introduces the various security tools available.

Security ServicesDuration: 4:54

Traditional security tools that we have used on local networks and systems also apply to the cloud. This episode explains how these services should be used in the cloud.

Security Automation and OrchestrationDuration: 5:42

A significant benefit of cloud computing is the available automation and orchestration solutions. This episode describes such solutions and the fundamental difference between automation and orchestration.

Models and SecurityDuration: 6:00

Handling blockchain data is different than with traditional databases. There are certain considerations you need to keep in mind. This episode discusses the two types of data, local and state variables, and the types of memory, stack, memory, and storage.

Meet the author

Tom Carpenter


Tom Carpenter is a 25+ year veteran of the IT industry. He started in entry-level systems support and quickly moved into the role of a systems analyst and network engineer. He founded the technical content development and training company SysEdCo in 1997, which he continues to operate.

Having written more than 20 books for the IT industry, he brings a wealth of experience to any topic and holds many certifications from both vendors and vendor-neutral certification organizations. He is also the head of certification development for the CWNP program and heavily involved in objectives development and exam creation within the certification industry.

Tom uses AWS to run several business websites as well as test labs used for content creation and management. According to Tom, "AWS is everything I did in the 90s, and more, in the cloud!” Tom lives in Ohio with his lovely wife Julie and enjoys anything related to technology, learning and human potential. lth and status of a 60-node SIEM cluster designed to handle data from 60,000 data sources.

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Best Product - Cybersecurity Training for Infosec Professionals

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