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Access Control Fundamentals

Take a deep dive into one of the fundamental concepts of security: access control. Learn how to give the right people access to the right information in a secure way.

22 videos  //  98 minutes of training

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Course description

Twenty-two videos cover everything you want to know about access control fundamentals. Beginning with access control basics (definitions and subject-object relationships), we move on to access control categories, authentication, account management, Single Sign-On (SSO) and Kerberos, the three forms of user authentication and the arguable fourth form, remote authentication services and much more. This is a complex subject, but our Access Control Fundamentals course dives deep and dredges up the answers for you.

Course syllabus

Access Control BasicsDuration: 4:48

Access Control CategoriesDuration: 6:02

AuthenticationDuration: 8:32

Account ManagementDuration: 4:16

Single Sign-On (SSO)Duration: 4:01

IdentificationDuration: 1:56

Something You KnowDuration: 4:25

Something You HaveDuration: 6:14

Something You Are (Biometrics)Duration: 5:19

AuthorizationDuration: 2:51

Session Management and AccountabilityDuration: 2:49

WLAN AuthenticationDuration: 7:32

Remote Authentication ServicesDuration: 3:20

Federated IdentityDuration: 4:09

Integrating Identity ServicesDuration: 3:03

Access Control ModelsDuration: 5:46

Access Control TechniquesDuration: 3:54

Access Control AdministrationDuration: 2:23

Access Control AttacksDuration: 4:26

Social EngineeringDuration: 4:32

Circumventing Access ControlsDuration: 1:56

Access ProvisioningDuration: 5:22

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