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Security+ renewal requirements [updated 2022]

Stephen Moramarco
March 23, 2022 by
Stephen Moramarco

So, you already have your Security+ certification – congratulations! However, since technology is constantly evolving, in order for you to stay competent, Security+ must be regularly renewed. Here is some important information you should know about the Security+ renewal process.

Does the Security+ certification expire?

The Security+ certification is good for three years, beginning from your exam date. For example, if you took your test on March 10, 2021, it would be valid until March 10, 2024.

How do I retain the Security+ after certification?

CompTIA requires the credential holder to keep current with protocols in security and technology by acquiring continuing education units (CEUs) within this three-year period.

What are the CEU requirements for the Security+ certification?

In order to automatically renew Security+ for another three years, you must complete 50 CEUs. There are a number of different ways to get CEUs and many industry standard courses are already pre-approved. For example, corporations like Amazon and Apple have courses covering the latest security for their platforms and organizations such as ISACA have live webinars on security for auditors and other more advanced IT professionals.

Some of these options are worth more CEUs than others, and there is a maximum amount you can earn from any one area per year. Certain IT certifications from selected vendors, including Cisco, Microsoft, and CheckPoint, give you the 50 CEUs you need for Security+ renewal.

CompTIA also accepts CEUs for real-world experience. If you are working, a letter on company stationery detailing the year worked and the responsibilities related to security can give you up to 3 CEUs per year. You can also get CEUs for writing a security-related blog or attending local tech sessions.

At least 50% of the activity content must relate to one or more of the Security+ exam objectives for Security+ certification renewal, as per CompTIA requirements. You must also agree to their code of ethics, which asserts, amongst other things, that you completed the courses yourself without cheating and that you will uphold the integrity of the profession.

If you hold more than one CompTIA certification, renewal of the highest level automatically renews the levels below it. In the case of Security+, if you hold CompTIA CSA+ or CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), renewing one of them would automatically renew Security+.

In addition, if you don’t hold another credential but would like to certify at a higher level than Security+, passing the CompTIA CSA+ or CASP automatically renews Security+.

What are the fees associated with recertification?

If you are renewing your Security+ certification with CEUs, you must pay an annual $50 fee, for a total of $150. If you decide to take additional certifications or renew by taking a recertification exam, you do not need to pay this fee. The exam fee itself is $381.

The most up-to-date pricing for CompTIA exams can be found on the CompTIA website.

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Why recertify Security+?

In order to keep competitive in the job marketplace, it may be advisable to take a Security+ recertification exam. In addition, if you do not have enough qualifying CEUs or did not complete them within the three-year cycle, you may be required to recertify Security+.

After November 2020, CompTIA rolled out SYO-601, retiring SYO-501.

It is essential that you be prepared, as these new versions add performance-based testing in addition to multiple-choice. Are you ready to assess your skills right now? Take a Security+ mini course here.

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