Uplifting women for leadership in the cybersecurity industry

We met Katie O’Malley, founder of (en)Courage Coaching and Counseling, at this year’s Women Impact Tech conference, and she gave a great talk about effective networking and giving confidence to tech professionals at all levels of the career ladder. Katie and I discussed finding your adjectives and using them to center your interactions, creating courageous workplace culture, and why women only being mentored by women turns into the new unpaid labor. Let’s all step up and make the workplace better!

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0:00 - Coaching women in cybersecurity
3:10 - How Katie O'Malley got into coaching
4:57 - O'Malley's start in cybersecurity and coaching
8:51- The evolution of leadership
12:00 - How career coaching works
18:00 - Importance of networking and branding
24:20 - How to achieve gender parity in cybersecurity
29:30 - Courageous workplace culture
33:21 - Pitfalls in new cybersecurity jobs
36:40 - Lead change at your cybersecurity company
38:55 - What is (en)Courage Consulting and Coaching?
39:33 - Outro 

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