The role of film storytelling in making education stick

Infosec IQ’s director of production, Steve Concotelli comes to us following years working in the movie and TV industry, and his ability to create and craft a great story is at the core of what makes Work Bytes the most award-winning security awareness series on the market! Learn more about Concotelli and the team’s ability to craft storylines with takeaways that stick, as well as the reasons why we create four different information delivery types to match the pace and time commitments of your workers. Maybe by the end, you’ll know which of the fantastical characters I mentioned at the start is most like you! Kick back and enjoy a few engaging minutes with this Cyber Work Hack. And take the Work Bytes Personality Quiz:

0:00 - Film storytelling in cybersecurity 
2:48 - How Concotelli moved from Hollywood to Infosec
3:56 - What is Work Bytes?
5:50 - Telling the story of Work Bytes
7:47 - Balancing fun and info
14:07 - What's new in Work Bytes?
19:21 - Big goals for Work Bytes
20:29 - Outro

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