Sorry, Terminator fans, ChatGPT is not going to become Skynet

Today on Cyber Work, my guest, Jack Nichelson, wants you to know something. AI is coming! But it’s not SkyNet; it’s not the rise of the machines. Whatever unnerving story you’ve read in the past few weeks about ChatGPT and what it will or won’t do to humanity, I’d like you to join us here and get a much fuller picture of AI as a tool and our role in shaping and building it.

0:00 – ChatGPT AI
2:50 – How Jack Nichelson got into cybersecurity
4:45 – Types of IT cybersecurity roles
6:57 – AI versus human value
10:46 – Life as a CISO
15:12 – The ChatGPT story
19:37 – Where is AI at right now?
24:20 – Actual applications of AI in the future
30:04 – Areas of study to enter cybersecurity and AI
34:27 – Where AI tools may lead cybersecurity
37:00 – Training for future AI malware
40:20 – Software to spot AI malware
44:50 – What is Inversion6?
46:55 – Learn more about Jack Nichelson
47:12 – Outro

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