Recruiting and nurturing neurodivergent professionals in cybersecurity

Ian Campbell, security operations engineer at DomainTools, is someone who has truly carved a niche out for himself in his organization and in the cybersecurity landscape as a whole. His blogs for the DomainTools website have provided paths for neurodiverse cybersecurity professionals and allies who want to make their organizations more friendly to neurodiversity to undertake the small changes to work roles and company culture that can net huge improvements for folks with different types of cognition, patterns of learning, concentration challenges, and yes, nurturable strengths!

I’ve said it plenty of times here and I’ll say it again: cybersecurity is at its best when we’re all together, solving problems and creating solutions with our own diverse approaches.

0:00 - Neurodiversity in cybersecurity
4:00 - How Ian Campbell got into cybersecurity
6:50 - Cybersecurity journey
15:33 - What does a security operations engineer do?
18:37 - Chokepoints of security operations engineer role
20:22 - Supporting people with neurodiverse work and learning
25:50 - What hinders neurodiverse workers in cybersecurity?
30:17 - Altering work culture for neurodiverse workers
39:00 - Neurodivergent traits suited for cybersecurity
42:05 - Benefits of neurodiversity in cybersecurity
48:41 - Promoting communication for neurodiverse workers
52:36 - Positive policies for neurodivergent workers
58:20 - Learn more about DomainTools
1:00:00 - Learn more about Ian Campbell
1:00:23 - Outro

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