How generative AI can be used by bad actors

Oliver Tavakoli from VectraAI returns to the program to talk about – surprise! – AI! Having talked about Tavakoli's origin story on the past episode, we’re free to dig right into his main area of interest: the ways in which generative AI can be used by bad actors, whether introducing conflicting messages into GPT guardrail commands or escalating the nuance and complexity of fake-based social engineering attacks. We talk about long-term implications of this emerging tech opportunity, ways for new professionals to get comfortable with its requirements quickly, and Tavakoli lets us know what this “summer of AI” will mean for the coming years, and also why its endless innovation may cool for a few years, and that’s OK.

0:00 - Generative AI and bad actors
4:20 - Big changes for generative AI in 2020
7:11 - Example of an AI attack
15:30 - AI as a tool versus an intelligence
17:10 - Solutions with AI
22:47 - How AI will affect cybersecurity careers
32:18 - How does AI hurt your career?
38:40 - Job roles in cybersecurity that may become niche
40:40 - The year of AI?
43:25 - How to talk about AI
45:40 - What is VectraAI?
48:25 - Learn more about Tavakoli and VectraAI
49:30 - Outro

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