How AI is affecting GRC and the future of cybersecurity

Dr. Heather Buker of 6clicks has been a technical SME in the cybersecurity field her entire career, and 6clicks has introduced Ask Hailey, an AI-based governance risk and compliance (GRC) tool that promises to move the work of GRC into a new era. Also on the show, Infosec’s vice president of portfolio product strategy and cybersecurity superstar Keatron Evans in a guest-host capacity! Buker, Keatron and I discuss the spaces in which governance risk and compliance can greatly benefit from AI/machine learning enhancement, the crucial need to prioritize the decision-making skills of humans over everything else and why seemingly disparate career roles and pivots can still lead you in the career direction you desire most.

0:00 - Ask Hailey AI
4:17 - Heather Buker's start in cybersecurity
6:40 - Security compliance migration work and more
13:15 - Tasks of a chief customer officer
18:40 - What is Ask Hailey AI?
23:00 - Challenges in risk assessment
27:15 - Ask Hailey AI and GRC
38:05 - Advice to get into government cybersecurity
42:50 - Advice for cybersecurity students
44:50 - The big picture of AI
53:00 - Learn more about Buker and 6clicks
54:11 - Outro

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