A deep dive into GitHub’s security strategy

Jacob DePriest, the VP and deputy chief security Officer at GitHub, talks about development security. In 2021, GitHub significantly ramped up its security department. DePriest told me all about the commitment to security and how you can move your organization toward a developer-focused security team. Whether you’re just hearing about GitHub now or you’re using GitHub from the moment your work day starts, you’ll want to check out this episode.

0:00 – GitHub’s cybersecurity strategy
2:30 – How did you get into cybersecurity?
5:00 – Moving up in cybersecurity
8:57 – Working with NSA
10:08 – Working as a chief security officer
13:35 – Communication in cybersecurity
15:00 – What is GitHub?
17:46 – Coding as a team
19:30 – GitHub’s security team
21:18 – Security threats GitHub faces
22:28 – GitHub’s role in software security
25:10 – Navigating GitHub’s tools
28:50 – How to study cybersecurity
30:54 – Entering software security
33:55 – Security tips for developers
36:45 – Learn more about DePriest and GitHub
38:25 – Outro

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