The future of passwords

Tomas Smalakys, CTO at NordPass, is today's guest. As our future seems choked with a never-ending need for new passwords of ever-growing complexity for everything we sign up for, Smalakys, along with some large tech organizations, is embracing a post-password future with a system of passkeys. What will it look like? How is it implemented? How will you be able to do this bleeding-edge work in the future? Tune in for today’s episode of Cyber Work and find out! 0:00 - The future of online passwords

3:43 - Tomas Smalakys' start in cybersecurity 
8:40 - Managing software engineers
15:33 - Chief technical officer at NordPass
20:05 - The state of password security
27:22 - Imperfections in two-factor security
42:13 - How to know you've been compromised online
47:55 - The passkey system 
1:02:41 - How to work in passwords and passkeys
1:09:05 - Learn more about Smalakys and NordPass
1:10:07 - Outro

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