Digital forensics careers: Facts versus fiction

Forget what the crime scene TV shows have told you — digital forensics is not done on an overhead projector while the whole department watches! Learn about the day-to-day work of a digital forensics professional from a team of experts who have been putting in the work for decades!

In this episode of Cyber Work Live, you will learn:

- The types of tools you’ll use to help bring criminals to justice
- Why a lack of technical experience isn’t a barrier to entry
- How to get real-world forensics practice in your own home
- Where a career in digital forensics can take you 

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0:00 - Digital forensics careers
4:28 - Limits of going off the grid 
12:28 - What do SIM cards actually do?
33:12 - Gathering evidence in digital forensics
44:08 - Digital forensics and the cloud
51:44 - Working as a digital forensics professional
54:42 - Digital forensics certifications
59:50 - How to pursue a digital forensics career
1:02:24 - Outro 

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