The current state of crypto crime | Guest Lili Infante

CAT Labs CEO and founder Lili Infante worked as a special agent for the U.S. Department of Justice for 10 years specializing in cryptocurrency’s use in dark web investigations. Infante gives us the insider’s view of dark web investigations, why it’s so difficult to prosecute dark web actors when anonymity extends all up and down the hierarchy, the current state of dark web markets, and the rise of state-sponsored crypto crime organizations like North Korea’s Lazarus Group. Plus, Infante gives you some expert advice on getting started in crypto crime investigation and forensics research! You don’t need a Tor browser for this info.

0:00 – Crypto crime in 2023
2:46 – How Lili Infante began in cybersecurity
4:50 – Economics, bitcoin and crypto
9:20 – Liberal arts education and cybersecurity
14:05 – Taking on dark web cases
17:30 – What the dark web market is like
20:24 – Neutralizing a dark web market
24:00 – Main threats of crypto threats and fraud
26:50 – State-sponsored crypto theft
28:45 – Why begin CAT Labs
35:40 – Day-to-day CAT Labs CEO work
41:30 – How to work in crypto crime
45:40 – CAT Labs’ future
46:58 – Learn more about Infante
47:43 – Outro

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