What it's like to be a CISO — and why they don't need more tech

Dan Roberts, host of the “Tech Whisperers” podcast, and a mentor, coach and leader to CISOs and other tech-focused C-suite members for nearly four decades, is today's guest. We talk about Roberts' earliest work, including coining the term “Developing the human side of technology” all the way back in 1984, to spearheading the CyberLX program for CISOs and those aspiring to be. Roberts also provides a four-stage growth chart for CISOs that, quite frankly, scales well to just about any tech career and teases a very exciting guest on the “Tech Whisperers” podcast!

0:00 - CISO's need leadership experience
4:47 - How Dan Roberts got into cybersecurity and tech
6:34 - What was tech like in the '80s?
9:20 - Common difficulties as a CISO
16:52 - What is CyberLX?
24:10 - Joining CyberLX to become a CISO
29:50 - How to become a CISO
34:45 - Cybersecurity and soft skills
38:05 - Skills needed in tech and security now
40:30 - Leading with the seven Cs
43:00 - Start your CISO career journey
46:23 - Getting uncomfortable to evolve in cybersecurity
47:49 - What is the Tech Whisperers podcast?
52:06 - Tech for Good project
54:18 - Exciting new projects for Roberts
56:30 - Outro

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