The changing responsibilities of the CISO position

We're talking about chief information security officers CISOs, one of the top-dog roles in cybersecurity, and for many professionals, it’s the brass ring they spend their careers trying to reach. The expectations of a CISO are changing, too, and requirements are growing in many different ways. Mike Scott, CISO of data security provider Immuta, has seen the role change a lot in the past 15 years, and he’s seen the role of CISO move from out of the shadows and into the spotlight for the C-suite, but at a price: when a breach happens, the CISO is often the one who takes a fall. Is this a reasonable expectation? Will the role of CISO change even more? I talked to Mike about all this and the eight years he spent as the CISO of the Wendy’s fast-food chain! We won’t judge you if you want to bite the corners off first, but I’ll be crying in my chili if you don’t keep it here for today’s episode of Cyber Work.

0:00 - Responsibilities of CISOs 
3:15 - How Mike Scott of Immuta got into cybersecurity
6:55 - Leading Wendy's fast food restaurant as CISO
13:30 - Data security problems right now
18:40 - Shift left strategy
24:10 - How the CISO role is changing
31:00 - Increased CISO oversight
38:06 - The CISO's responsibility
48:30 - How to work as a CISO
51:50 - Cybersecurity in the federal government
54:48 - Learn more about Immuta
56:53 - Learn more about Mike Scott
57:35 - Outro 

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