Attack surface managers and the state of attack surfaces

Dave Monnier of Team Cymru talks about the state of attack surfaces, the strengths and shortcomings of attack surface managers and why something we refer to as a “soft” skill might be the hardest skill of all! Plus, we touch on shadow IT.

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0:00 – Attack surfaces
2:55 – Dave Monnier’s first interest in cybersecurity
7:30 – Instinctual cybersecurity learning
9:20 – Monnier’s work as a chief evangelist
14:00 – Cybersecurity soft skills
16:30 – What are attack surface managers?
28:25 – ASM 1.0 to ASM 2.0
32:22 – State of attack surfaces
34:58 – Asset infrastructure in your business
40:00 – Key skills cybersecurity novices need
43:07 – Learning in cybersecurity
45:42 – Learn more about Team Cymru
47:19 – Outro

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