AI and the rise of DDoS attacks

Anna Claiborne from Zayo talks about the spike of DDoS attacks they saw in the past year. Although distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks trend up nearly every year, new factors around advanced automation and ease of use may be driving the increase. Claiborne takes us back 20 years, when solutions to DDoS attacks involved trying the most far-out solution you could, often for the most far-out clients you could imagine! Seriously, I use the words “Wild West” to describe early security on a lot of episodes, but Claiborne really gives us some top-notch war stories. She’ll also let you know where to focus if you want to get started in telecom security, or any of near-infinite industries that would be impacted by telecom shutting down.

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0:00 - AI and DDoS attacks
4:20 - How Anna Claiborne got into cybersecurity
8:24 - Claiborne's cybersecurity experiences
14:10 - The changes in DDoS attacks
16:55 - Current DDoS escalations
24:34 - Claiborne's role as a VP
34:25 - Why DDoS attacks have skyrocketed
38:32 - Why DDoS attacks are easier
42:55 - How much is DDoS effective?
44:24 - Tips for countering DDoS
47:16 - Careers involving DDoS attacks
51:09 - Acquire DDoS skills early
56:19 - Learn more about Claiborne and Zayo
57:48 - Outro

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