SecurityIQ Update Adds Healthcare-Specific Modules, Custom Course Notifications

September 25, 2017

The latest SecurityIQ update includes nine new security awareness modules for healthcare professionals, and custom course notifications to help you increase program completion rates. Read on for complete release details.

9 New Security Awareness Modules for Healthcare Professionals

Staying compliant with HIPAA and PPI regulations just became simpler with SecurityIQ’s new security awareness modules for healthcare professionals. Our nine new modules will help you educate your team on how to keep your patients’ sensitive data secure. New modules include:

  • Phishing for Healthcare Professionals & Providers
  • Safe Browsing for Healthcare Professionals & Providers
  • Mobile Security for Healthcare Professionals
  • Working Remotely for Healthcare Professionals & Providers
  • Password Security for Healthcare Professionals & Providers
  • Physical Security & PHI
  • Removable Media & PHI
  • Social Engineering for Healthcare Professionals & Providers
  • Social Engineering for Healthcare Executives

Custom Course Notifications to Boost Program Participation Rates

SecurityIQ program managers can send learners course reminders from anyone in their organization — including the CEO. By showing your team security awareness is an important initiative at all levels of your organization, you can boost course participation and completion rates. Links to helpful resources (such as your internal security policy) may also be included to reinforce critical lessons.

About SecurityIQ

SecurityIQ is an integrated security training program offering awareness training, phishing simulations and dedicated client support in one platform. Together, these tools will transform your workforce into guardians of critical data and infrastructure. Our science-backed approach to security education helps your organization reach phishing rates as low as 1%.

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