Infosec Named a Leader and Outperformer for Security Awareness and Training

April 04, 2023

GigaOm recognizes Infosec IQ for its outstanding focus and execution in primary SA&T evaluation criteria and overall organizational impact.


Madison, WI, April 4, 2023 — Infosec Institute, a leading cybersecurity education provider and part of Cengage Group, today announced it has been named a Leader and Outperformer in the GigaOm Radar for Security Awareness and Training. The GigaOm Radar describes key features and metrics to evaluate security awareness and training vendors. This information equips CISOs, CIOs and technology leaders with information to select the best training platforms for their organizations.

In GigaOm's evaluation of 10 security awareness and training platforms, Infosec IQ earned the most Exceptional performance scores for evaluation metrics that contribute to overall organizational impact, including:

  • Ease of deployment and implementation
  • Ease of administration and management
  • Ease of use by end-users
  • Impact on organizational culture and behavior change
  • Vendor service and support


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"Infosec's advantage is that it's able to leverage its long-standing expertise in developing quality role-based training for security professionals to create an SA&T platform tailored to the mission of educating all employees," said Jamal Bihya, GigaOm analyst and Radar author. "Infosec scores very well on our library criterion. It includes all fundamental and advanced aspects of SA&T as well as regulatory compliance topics. Indeed, Infosec IQ makes training accessible to learners of all abilities."

With 82% of data breaches involving a human element, building a cyber secure workforce is one of the most effective ways to reduce cyber risk and establish a culture of cybersecurity.

“We are excited that GigaOm has named Infosec IQ as a Leader for security and awareness training,” said Jim Chilton, GM for Infosec and CTO of Cengage Group. “Infosec IQ helps organizations identify and reduce their human risk through personalized security awareness training — while automating the heavy lifting typically required to engage learners, change behaviors and measure impact. The most successful security awareness and training programs — the ones that build strong cybercultures and reduce human risk — are the ones capable of delivering the right coaching at precisely the right learning moment. Infosec IQ veers from the one-size-fits-all training that simply ‘checks the box,’ to deliver personalized, tailored learning experiences to most effectively reduce human risk.”

Infosec’s security awareness and training platform, Infosec IQ, empowers employees with the knowledge and skills to reduce their overall cyber risk. With 2,000+ of the highest quality and hands-on training resources, including the newly-launched Work Bytes series, organizations are better equipped to identify and coach risky security behaviors and strengthen their security culture.

Learn more about Infosec IQ's leading platform in the GigaOm Radar for Security Awareness and Training.


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Infosec, part of Cengage Group, is a leading cybersecurity training company helping IT and security professionals advance their careers and empowering employees to be cyber-safe at work and home. Its mission is to put people at the center of cybersecurity through role-guided training that’s accessible and engaging. More than 70% of the Fortune 500 have relied on Infosec Skills to develop their security talent and teams, and more than five million learners worldwide are more cyber-resilient from Infosec IQ’s security awareness and phishing training. Follow Infosec on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Infosec’s Resources Blog for the latest news, or visit for more information.

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