Clearwater Adds to its Workforce Training Capabilities Through Infosec Institute Partnership

October 04, 2021

Infosec IQ Platform Expands Access to Security Awareness and Training Resources Leveraged to Deliver Personalized Solutions for Customers

NASHVILLE, TN (October 4, 2021) – Clearwater announced today that it has formed a partnership with Infosec to add to its Workforce Training capabilities, providing customers access to best-in-class security awareness programs. Infosec is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Security Awareness Computer-Based Training.

As noted in the Clearwater CyberIntelligence Institute® bulletin “Analyzing Careless Users, An Often Overlooked Threat,” untrained/untested staff are a significant source of critical and high security risks for healthcare organizations. Continually training employees on how to recognize security threats to systems and data must be a fundamental part of any organization’s cybersecurity program.

From a regulatory standpoint, HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules also require covered entities and business associates to provide formal education and training of their workforce to ensure ongoing accountability for privacy and security of protected health information.

Tapping into the power of the Infosec IQ platform and other leading tools, Clearwater provides Security Awareness and HIPAA Privacy/Security Workforce Training in a proven, affordable, web-based program that facilitates security awareness and privacy training for the entire workforce in an engaging, user-friendly format.

“The healthcare industry produces a massive amount of valuable data, making it an attractive target to cybercriminals. With growing cyber threats and evolving regulatory requirements, educating and empowering employees to stay cyber safe is the best line of defense in preventing cyber incidents,” said Jack Koziol, CEO and founder of Infosec. “We’re proud to partner with Clearwater to deliver this critical training to employees who make an impact on patients every day.”

The Infosec IQ platform includes over 2,000 awareness and training resources to equip organizations with everything they need to prepare employees to detect, report and defeat cybercrime. Clearwater’s cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance experts leverage the platform to deliver customized and personalized solutions that meet regulatory requirements and match customers’ culture and employee learning styles.

“We are excited to bring expanded training content and security awareness capabilities to our customers through our partnership with Infosec,” said Steve Cagle, CEO of Clearwater. “The Infosec IQ platform, and our accompanying managed security and compliance services, enables our customers to further reduce cyber risk through an effective and efficient industry- proven platform.”


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Infosec is the leading cybersecurity education company helping IT and security professionals advance their careers and empowering employees to be cyber-safe at work and home. Its mission is to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills to outsmart cybercrime confidently. More than 70% of the Fortune 500 have relied on Infosec Skills to develop their security talent and teams, and over five million learners worldwide are more cyber-resilient from Infosec IQ’s security awareness and phishing training. Follow Infosec on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Infosec’s Resources Blog for the latest news, or visit for more information.

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