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Reporting made easy

Use pre-built auto reports, analyze campaign performance or build custom reports to measure your security awareness progress and mature your program.

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Auto reports

Generate boardroom-ready reports by user, assigned manager, group or department for an immediate look at program performance or to monitor progress over time.

Automatically share training completion data with managers to increase accountability or deliver important KPIs to your executive team. You pick the report recipients, and Infosec IQ will handle the rest.

Campaign summary

Analyze training data from each campaign to identify the most effective awareness training and simulated phishing strategies. Compare training runs for recurring campaigns to quantify the effectiveness of recurring training.

Summary reports aggregate campaign data, allowing you to compare campaigns and strategies side-by-side and refine your training program over time.

Access & export all account data

Every training campaign, phishing simulation and employee interaction within Infosec IQ is tracked and stored, enabling you to create your own reports and export any data point.

With the Infosec IQ Data Browser, you can answer any data questions our dashboards, auto reports and campaign reports don’t already address. Export results, extract data via our open API and share progress with stakeholders or auditors.

Infosec Named a Leader in Security Awareness & Training

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