Run a free phishing risk test for your organization

How vulnerable is your organization to phishing attacks? Find out with a free phishing test. Assess your phishing susceptibility to share with stakeholders and inform employee training.

What are phishing risk tests?

Phishing risk tests — also called phishing simulations or phishing assessments — are cybersecurity measures in which organizations send out simulated phishing emails to employees and evaluate their ability to identify and respond to phishing attacks.

Phishing tests are designed to mimic real-world phishing tactics that trick individuals into revealing sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers or other confidential data. The emails appear as if from a trusted source, like a bank, service provider or internal organizational department.

Phishing testing is important to help organizations identify vulnerabilities, measure training effectiveness, determine compliance and mitigate risks. It helps businesses by improving cybersecurity, protecting assets and preserving their reputation by protecting against data breaches.

How it works

Assess your organization’s phishing susceptibility

What will your employees do when a phishing email hits their inbox? Find out with our free phishing test for employees.

Launch the Infosec IQ Phishing Risk Test to send a simulated phishing email to your employees and record the number of recipients who open the email or click the link. This gives you an estimate of your organization’s phishing risk to share with stakeholders and helps you create more effective employee training.