How vulnerable is your organization to phishing attacks?

Run a free Phishing Risk Test to find out.

Assess your organization's phishing susceptibility

What will your employees do when a phishing email hits their inbox? Find out with our free Phishing Risk Test.

Launch the Infosec IQ Phishing Risk Test to send a simulated phishing email to your employees and record the number of recipients who open the email or click the link. This gives you an estimate of your organization’s phishing risk to share with stakeholders and help inform employee training.

How it works

  • Step 1

    Select phishing template
  • Step 2

    Add recipients
  • Step 3

    Launch test
  • Step 4

    Assess phishing risk

Assess your organization’s phish rate in 24 hours

Launch your free phishing risk test today and we’ll email your results in 24 hours. Phishing Risk Test results show your email open rate, phished percentage and timeline of events, including which employees took the bait.