Engaging phishing training made easy

Introduce your employees to the Marine Lowlifes so they are prepared when a real phish swims into their inbox.


The most dangerous phish lurking in your employees’ inboxes

Meet the Marine Lowlifes, the phishing attacks fighting for your employees’ attention and clicks. Use dozens of themed training tools in the Marine Lowlifes Campaign Kit to teach your employees what these dangerous phish want and how to identify their most clever disguises.

The Marine Lowlifes Campaign Kit

You don’t need to be a communications expert, have an unlimited budget or set aside dozens of hours to create a truly engaging security awareness campaign. You just need the right resources and a playbook.

What's included?

Why you should run your security awareness program like a marketer

If your goal is to train your workforce to identify, avoid and report the top security threats your organization faces, you need more than a compliance checklist. You need an awareness and training program that captures your workforce’s attention and turns cybersecurity best practices into habits. Here’s how it’s done.