Infosecurity Europe 2022

June 21-23, 2022 | London, England

We’re at booth P85 located in the US Pavilion. Stop by for a hands-on quiz to uncover your next role in cybersecurity, fight a dancing Yeti during a Choose Your Own Adventure® Security Awareness Game and learn how Infosec is working to fill the cyber skills gap through role-guided training that engages and empowers employees.

Interested in meeting one-on-one with a security training and certification expert at Infosecurity Europe? Email [email protected] to schedule a 1:1 meeting with an Infosec expert to get your questions answered or to see a live demo.

How vulnerable is your organization to phishing attacks?

Assess your organization's phishing susceptibility with our free Phishing Risk Test.

Launch the Infosec IQ Phishing Risk Test to send a simulated phishing email to your employees and record the number of recipients who open the email or click the link. This gives you an estimate of your organization’s phishing risk to share with stakeholders and help inform employee training. 

Meet Infosec Skills Roles

12 pre-built training roadmaps aligned to the most in-demand cybersecurity roles — all in one platform

We’ll be unveiling Infosec Skills Roles, pre-built training roadmaps aligned to the 12 most in-demand cybersecurity roles including SOC Analyst, Penetration Tester, Security Engineer and Cybersecurity Beginner. Hosted in the Infosec Skills training platform, Infosec Skills Roles helps organizations upskill and cross-train talent for open security roles while also improving engagement and performance. 

Want to try Infosec Skills for yourself? Use code: InfosecEuro2022 for 30 days of free access to Infosec Skills.