Reverse Engineering Android

Discover the true nature of any Android APK binary. Analyze hostile code, vulnerabilities in binaries, and how to see through binary obfuscation schemes.

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Reverse Engineering Android Course Overview

Reverse engineering is a vitally important skill for today’s expert security professional. Everything from reverse engineering malware to discovering vulnerabilities in binaries are required in order to properly secure an organization from today’s ever evolving threats.

In this 4 day hands-on course, you will gain the necessary binary analysis skills to discover the true nature of any Android APK binary. You will learn how to recognize the high level language constructs (such as branching statements, looping functions and network socket code) critical to performing a thorough and professional reverse engineering analysis of a binary. After learning these important introductory skills, you will advance to the analysis of:


Certified Reverse Engineering Analyst:

In any hands on reverse engineer training course, it is important to have the opportunity to prove tocurrent or potential employers that you have the skills you say you do. This course prepares you for the top reverse engineering certification in the industry, the CREA. The exam is given on-site, InfoSec Institute has achieved a 93% pass rate for this certification.

Learn from Advanced Reversing Experts:

All of the instructors for InfoSec Institute’s Reverse Engineering course active work in the field of incident response or security research. Our instructors have spoken at high-profile conferences (such as the Black Hat Briefings, the RSA Security Conference, and the Pentagon Security Forum) and industry events.


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Award Winning Training

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What You'll LEARN & DO

  • Android SDK
  • APKManager Overview
  • Deurus Android Reversing Example
  • Introduction to Smali and baksmali
  • Dalvik VM architecture
  • Android OS internal classes
  • Dalvik opcode overview
  • Dalvik vs. x86 opcode comparison
  • Move, monitor and aget, iget opcodes
  • Invoke opcodes
  • Framing Dex2jar
  • Java decompiler
  • Using the Android Debug Bridge
  • Using APKManager to find specific classes
  • Reversing Common Android DRM schemas
  • Reversing RightsInfo, RightsManager, RightsActivity
  • Inline Patching
  • Resigning patched files
  • Reinstalling patched APK files
  • Breaking DRM
  • Classex.dex reversing with backsmali

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