Mobile Device Penetration Testing Training

Has anyone at your company ever lost their phone? In a BYOD world, mobile devices have become attack target #1 of many hackers. Get hands-on experience as you learn all about mobile security. 60% of this boot camp is hands-on training!

Mobile Device Penetration Testing Course Overview

Infosec is proud to offer the Mobile Device Pen Testing Class. In this class, we will cover security risks and controls on both the mobile platform as well as the presentation layer. You’ll get hands-on experience with the top threats your organization is facing when targeting mobile and BYOD devices.

Go in-depth on the top 10 Mobile threats for your organization:

  • Insecure Data Storage
  • Weak Server Side Controls
  • Insufficient Transport Layer Protection
  • Client Side Injection
  • Poor Authorization and Authentication
  • Improper Session Handling
  • Security Decisions Via Untrusted Inputs
  • Side Channel Data Leakage
  • Broken Cryptography
  • Sensitive Information Disclosure


Students must have no criminal record. Ethical Hacking skills, including the ability or desire to work outside the Windows GUI interface, are necessary. This is a very in depth training course and is not intended for individuals who have limited or no penetration testing experience. If this sounds like you, please take a look at related courses:

  • Security+
  • Ethical Hacking

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What You'll LEARN

This course is based on the same great format you may have already experienced with our Ethical Hacking, Advanced Ethical Hacking, Web App Penetration Testing, or Computer Forensics courses. Some of the immediate knowledge you will bring back to your organization to help manage the above risks include:

  • Module 1: Identify and securing data.
  • Module 2: Passwords and Credentialing systems for mobile devices
  • Module 3: Data in Transit
  • Module 4: User Authentication
  • Module 5: Cloud Storage & Server Access
  • Module 6: Preventing Data Leakage
  • Module 7: Malware in Mobile Apps
  • Module 8: Device and Platform Specific Risks and Controls

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    What Our Students Are Saying

    Without any question, InfoSec has the most gifted individual instructors. Our instructor for this class was both an excellent educator and a premier/world class security expert. He was able to clearly explain and impart to the students, the most complicated security techniques I have ever heard of or imagined. I simply can not find the words to recommend him and Infosec security training more highly.

    John Hollan GE

    Advanced Ethical Hacking Training Boot Camp

    Career Tracks

    • Hacker Track

      The InfoSec Hacker Track will take you from 0 to 60 in your security career. By the time you successfully complete this track you will be highly credential-ed and in the top 5-10% of hackers in the world.
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