Ethical Hacking Student Evaluations & Testimonials

Over 98% of InfoSec Institute students attending our Ethical Hacking course give positive feedback. It is quite frequent that we hear that students feel this is the best IT course they have ever attended, even with students with over 20 years of experience in the IT field.

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Student Evaluations & Testimonials

Over 98% of InfoSec Institute students attending our Ethical Hacking course give positive feedback. It is quite frequent that we hear that students feel this is the best IT course they have ever attended, even with students with over 20 years of experience in the IT field.

Please review a small subset of our evaluation comments. If we put every evaluation comment on this page, it would take 20 minutes for your browser to load this page!

“This was a phenomenal class!  The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and crafted the exercises so that we truly learned the material.  I have a whole new appreciation for how vulnerabilities are exploited.  I have gained very practical skills and knowledge in this class which will help me tremendously in my job. I will highly recommend this course to all of my co-workers.  This class should be a must for any true security professional. There were several moments during the week when I was amazed at how vulnerable systems truly are.  The practical labs and competition teams made the experience fun.  I have learned some extremely valuable skills.”

David P. Curley
Senior Consultant
Booz Allen Hamilton


“Course provided both real-world answers, and information needed to prepare for the test.  Knowing that the certification tests don't encompass the entire job or skill set, the real-world knowledge should help prepare students for the job market as well.”

Justin Wray
Senior Security Architect
Jacob and Sundstrom, Inc.


“I was very very pleased with the course and LABS. The labs were awesome and very interactive and the instructor did a great job explaining any question I had. All my knowledge of Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, trojans, A+, NET+, MCSA and things I have toyed with at home all came into play in this class. I was very very very pleased with the instructor’s knowledge. I have been to other training centers such as and by far Infosec Institute, the penetration testing class taught by Keatron Evans was by far the best compared to others. I was very impressed with the instructor’s knowledge and expertise. I will schedule another class in the future and choose Infosec.”

Chris Benjamin
Senior Technical Analyst


“I was blown away by the instructor’s knowledge and expertise. I came here knowing very little about pen testing and white hack hacking...and have been subjected to an amazing amount of information that was easy to understand and delivered in such a way that I could get it. I mean, I could grasp the concepts, if I had a question he always had the answer, and I have been very pleased with this class. Thank you. Would recommend to anyone thinking about being a pen tester.”

Connie Brown
165th Airlift Wing
United States Air Force


“The instructor ROCKS. very helpful. I will be taking another course with this instructor.”

Brian Maunder
Northrop Grumman Information Technology


“I got a lot out of the real world scenarios presented in class.  Jeremy is very knowledgeable in the field of penetration testing.  Would definitely take classes again if he is the instructor. The course books are a great reference, and it was nice to have a dedicated training laptop provided by Infosec and not have to bring my own and waste time installing programs during class”

Virgil Sabas


“I feel extremely fortunate and humbled to have been taught by such an expert instructor! I liked the expert knowledge of the instructor, and his ability to clearly demonstrate it. It was great to be close to the strip in Las Vegas but yet still in a quiet hotel where I could concentrate on the training at hand.”

George Ibarra
Information Assurance Analyst
Information Assurance Manager for Modeling, Simulation, and Instrumentation 


“The instructor was fantastic.  His real-world knowledge beyond the book enhanced the class greatly. The CEPT is next for me.  I'd also like to take the Forensics class.”

Stephen O'Connor
Information Security Manager
Life Time Fitness


“Instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to explain a huge amount of information in a very short period of time. The course was very informative; doing the hands on lab exercises was the most enjoyable part of the course, as I found it to be the best way to learn.”

Adam Robertson


“Jeremy is very enthusiastic about this material.  He enjoys the subject and his energy comes through in his teaching. I enjoyed the subject matter of the course, and I found it very relevant to my job duties.”

Alan Danker
Manager, Software Engineering
Clipper Windpower, Inc.


“Dan is an excellent instructor and incredibly knowledgeable.  Great presenter and very helpful. The course was very intense but well structured.  The hours were long but it really allows you to get your head wrapped around it.  Slide notes were very good as well as the lab pre-info.  The labs tied well into the course. The content and knowledge gained will be invaluable in my career.”

Rummy Dabgotra
MTS Allstream


“I commend InfoSec Institute on the out-of-the-box thinking that goes into creating a training program to teach something that is so misunderstood.  Keatron's knowledge of the information was exceptional.  He presented the topics in a way that was accessible to even the most laymen of user.  There was an incredible amount of information, but Keatron maintained focus and we were able to absorb a great deal of it through labs and exercises.  The most rewarding of the exercises were the CTFs, pitting one side of the class against the other.   I would definitely take another course with Keatron.”

William Clark
Diplomatic Security Training Center
Department Of State


“Instructor had an immense amount of experience in this area, and all things related to IT.  The exercises were easy to follow.  I would like to take the advanced course with this instructor.”

Daniel Altobelli 
Senior Auditor
Office of Legislative Services
State Of New Jersey


“Jeremy was extremely helpful with any questions from any student.  Answers were very helpful and easily understood.  The lectures were never boring at any time during the week. I will definitely recommend this course and instructor to coworkers. There were students at many different levels of Pen Testing understanding, and Jeremy was able to help everyone.  I come from a programming background with no pentesting experience, and was able to pass the CEH and CPT with a 92%. The course moves quickly to cover a ton of information, but goes into an adequate amount of detail.  The labs in particular were very helpful for me to learn how to use the material I learned during lectures.  Capture the flag was also helpful to get more practice in addition to the labs, and it was also fun.”

Mitch Carlsen
LWO Process & Control Engineering Solutions


“InfoSec has outstanding knowledge of ethical hacking and other subject areas. Real-world examples, along with lab and study materials, makes this class a must for anyone interested in ethical hacking. The interactive labs enforced the concepts presented by Keatron and the written materials he used and also created during this course. I found this extremely helpful.”

Timothy Towne
Lockheed Martin

“For the amount of material covered, I think this course is designed very well. The labs complimented the lectures well and provided for a good applicable of skills. I liked the labs, examples of how skills have been used by both whitehat and blackhat hackers. The instructor was very knowledgeable and very willing to spend time on any topics asked.”

Molly Gavin
Raytheon Solipsys


“I liked how there were lots of hands on examples and explanation of what the tools were actually doing...not just how to use them. I plan on taking Advanced Ethical Hacking or Wireless Security, and I enjoyed the instructor’s experience in the security industry.”



“The instructor’s real world knowledge was invaluable.  He knew the course material and relayed it on way that was easy to comprehend. I would attend any class or lectured proctored by the instructor again.

Mark Costa
Navy Warfare Development Command


“You have a real competent teacher: not a teacher but somebody who works with it. The instructor is simply great! He knows the topic and he is a Team Builder, making the atmosphere nice and relaxed. I would rate him 10/10!!!!

Andrea Pazienza
NATO Communications and Information Systems School


“The instructor definitely knew all there was to know about the subject of finding exploits, pen testing and ethical hacking. I enjoyed the course very much. I liked learning how many security holes are present in day to day internet use, and how to prevent others from exploiting them.”

Daniel Finnegan
Booz Allen Hamilton


“Course was very beneficial, I learned a lot and had some good refreshers. Instructor provided great coverage of material in needed amount of time and appeared very knowledgeable and patient. Great job Jeremy. The course material did an excellent job of preparing me for this test. The material was accurate for the most part and beneficial. I will be recommending Infosec for more training”

Daniel Baker
Western Area Power Administration


“The instructor had great experience that he can share with the class and was very helpful in explaining concepts & making sure we know what is being said. I really got a lot out of the lab work, I was surprised the labs were so involved and I really learned much from them.”

Mark Miller 
Security Engineer
Foley & Lardner LLP
Technology Dept.


“The instructor did a Great Job! I would definitely take another course from him. I plan on taking Advanced Ethical Hacking in the future.”

Eric Charlson
Software Engineer
ASRC Aerospace Corp.


“I found the instructor to be very motivating. The course was difficult, but very detailed and thorough in its coverage. I liked how I was forced to learn a lot of information in a short time frame. I feel up to speed on pen testing subjects after the class.”

Kenneth H. Stavenjord
Technical Assessment Directorate (TAD)
Department of Defense, Office of the Inspector General


“The instructor has a very good knowledge about Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing. He also has good capability to deliver course in very understandable in manner. This was a very good course! I plan on taking Advanced Ethical hacking and Reverse Engineering in 6 months.”

Ali Al Jeaidi
Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)


“I think Mr. Evans is an extremely proficient and knowledgeable instructor. I would absolutely take another boot camp or class under him.  After taking other camps and training from other organizations, I would say that this was by far the best experience of them all. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Evans or Infosec institute to anyone interested in info security training. Thank you very much for the experience. The course material was excellent.”

James Waller
US Department of Homeland Security


“It was an incredible experience learning from the instructor on Ethical Hacking.  Not only was he one of the most knowledge on Security that I had ever had the opportunity to work with, he also possess great patience and people skills. I would like to take the CISSP Boot Camp or Advanced Ethical Hacking next from InfoSec. And, I would like to say the Hotel Staff was wonderful as well.”

Michael Fabrico
Network Security Administrator
RBS Sempra Commodities


“Excellent Instructor.  Nice to have someone who is in the field doing this everyday to teach the class. Great class.  Had a lot of fun in it. I liked the hands on labs and knowledge transfer from instructor. I plan on taking Advanced Ethical Hacking, Reversing Malware, or Incident Response in the future.”

Nick Carstensen
Information Security
Scottrade Inc.


“Great course!  I liked some more focus on web exploits, only because it is an interest of mine. Very good presenter of the material with real-world experience to back what the lectures were about. I liked the hands on and real world application of the content.  Other classes I have been through from other Security Institutes focused more on lecture and the labs didn't reinforce the content as well.  This class was by far MUCH better.”

Michael Hennick
Raytheon Solipsys


“Dan was a very knowledgeable instructor and I would definitely take another course with infosec institute. The course was a very good way for me to dive into this subject material.  With just the basic subject knowledge I was able to follow the material and gain more insite into the security world. I learned the most in the Labs. Real world systems with real world problems. Very good class...”

George H. Buckner III
IT Department
Central Florida Electric Cooperative, Inc.

“The Instructor really knows his stuff. It was a great class. I am glad we did more than concentrate on specific tools. I have the skills to do pen testing now, not just use automated tools.”

Michael Moriarta
State College Area District


“Great instructor, a very experienced individual. It reinforces the great things I have heard from others at my organization about the Infosec Institute. I enjoyed the labs and all the extras given that supplement the course.”

Jeffrey Balino
International Monetary Fund


“The instructor was very knowledgeable of the subject matter. He always made himself available to ensure that everyone was grasping the information. He was able to relate the information for both classroom and real world purposes. I found the labs were very helpful in reiterating what we learned.”

Mattanyah Woodbury
Booz Allen Hamilton


“The Hands on instruction combined with written material made the information relevant to my work. Mr. Evans was an excellent instructor with an in-depth knowledge of the material.  He was a great help to me throughout this course and was able to walk me through several areas I had no familiarity with.  Great course overall. The CEH study guide was extremely helpful.”

Steve Stone
United States Transportation Command


“This was a great class.  The instructor provided us with necessary instruction to pass the exam and use the information to take back and use in the workplace.  I would definitely take another InfoSec class especially if I have the same the Instructor.”

Ernest W. Barany
Senior Auditor
Office of Legislative Services
State Of New Jersey


“This was an excellent course.  The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and abreast of the information.  I highly recommend this course for other Security Professionals. The course really prepared me for the exam. The course remained interesting from day one.  Especially, with the course beginning at 0830 and running until 2200.  The instructor was always available to assist with the labs. The lab was open 24 hours.  Also, I can take the information learned in the course and go back an implement at work as well as home. I have taken several course in the past three months and I must say that this course has been the best.  If far surpasses the other company’s training.”

Veronica Gilliam
Booz Allen Hamilton


“Extremely knowledgeable instructor.  Very willing to share extra information from his personal knowledge base. Very good course materials overall.  I greatly appreciate the amount of hands-on experience gained. I liked hearing about the instructor's personal knowledge.  I also enjoyed having a large amount of hands on experience.”

James T. Wright
FAA CSMC Protection Group
SRA International


“Excellent instructor.  Great with teaching theory and practice. I thought the course material was very interesting and well put together.”

Orlando M. Betancourt
Raytheon Solipsys


“InfoSec Institute has an excellent instructor and this is the best IT security class I have ever taken. His knowledge and method of teaching are unsurpassed.”

Rene Rodriguez
Information Technology Security Officer (ITSO)
National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)


“InfoSec Institute is a true Center Of Excellence for Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing. The instructor was able to deliver a large amount of information in a way that was understandable and easily absorbed.”

Keith G. Wong


“The instructor Keatron is obviously very knowledgeable about the material from real world experience.  He was able to convey the material required for the tests while demonstrating the real applications for the material.  By putting the information in a very logical, applicable context, I am very comfortable going out and securing networks by way of penetration testing.  I would recommend this course and Keatron specifically to anyone else who wants to beef up their security skillset. I plan on attending the Advanced Ethical Hacking course as soon as I can get funding approval from my company. I liked the no nonsense - real world application and hands-on labs.”

Sam McKay
Network Security Engineer
Sensus Metering Systems - AMI


“Superb instructor, was able to apply real world knowledge and expertise to the topics. The materials covered were amazing. I learned things I never thought were possible. I liked the instructor’s availability to assist. I also liked the small class size, it made asking questions less intimidating.”

James Cooper
Unemployed Student


“Good Instructor... Was very knowledgeable about his trade.... A true WHITE HAT HACKER!! Thank you for teaching me so much Jeremy. I look forward to taking another class with Jeremy again in the future. Good course. The course materials  were very helpful and in depth. The labs were great and the one on one time with the instructor was very good also.”

Veronica Gilliam
Booz Allen Hamilton


“This was a very informative and technically in-depth training course. All aspects of the advertised course were fully covered and ample opportunity was given for questions and interaction with the instructor.”

Herman Saunders
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


“Jeremy is an extremely knowledgeable and interesting instructor.  His personal experience is evident in his real-life stories he presented in the course.  He was able to completely and succinctly answer all questions and was obviously well-versed in the field.  I would definitely consider enrolling in another course that he teaches. The labs and the study guide were extremely helpful.  The course was extremely informative.  I walk away from it with a much better understanding of the all things InfoSec because of the intensity and presentation of the course. I will certainly consider the advanced course from InfoSec Institute next year (especially if Jeremy is the instructor). To summarize, the Instructor, materials, labs, and CTFs were excellent.”

Dan Kottmann
Security Analyst
ACI Worldwide


“I was very impressed with the knowledge that Mr.Evans had. He also did a great job of presenting the information so that all skill levels could understand. Also really liked the approach on the team labs. I feel that I have a good understanding of not only CEH principals, but also a ground level understanding of the practical use of the tools. I personally liked the hands on approach that was presented. The individual and team labs were great. I think this class is really good, I can't think of anything to make it better.”

Andy Roeth
Network Security Engineer
SHAZAM Networks


“The instructor was very knowledgeable about the scope of the class.  Depth and breadth of experience was definitely deep and wide. Jeremy was very helpful in answering and sensitive about student's needs.”

Carmencita L Muramoto
Principal Systems Engineer


“The instructor Jeremy was very clear on instructional techniques and was extremely knowledgeable. Jeremy is extremely patient and is a fine representative for the security profession. He related real experiences to the content that were very beneficial to understanding the concepts. All of the labs worked which is rare for some of the classes taught by other companies that i have attended. I enjoyed the exposure to many new techniques, tools and experiences.”

Patrick Kelly
Unemployed IT Professional

“Keatron has very vast and deep knowledge of course material. In addition to his outstanding knowledge, his teaching skills are excellent. Keatron managed to convey potentially dry technical information to the students, in an interesting and fun way. I wish all my classes were taught this way. My favorite part of the course was the labs. Actually using the tools and being able to see their effects on the Virtual machines really solidified the concepts taught in the lecture slides. Plus the labs were actually really fun.”

Ryan Sangalang
Booz Allen Hamilton


 “Course was very beneficial, I learned a lot and had some good refreshers. Instructor provided great coverage of material in needed amount of time and appeared very knowledgeable and patient. Great job Jeremy.”

Robin Schroeder
Redwood Area Development Corporation


“Overall Good Job to Keatron and to InfoSec.  I hope to come back for more of these courses.  It was a great experience to bring me into current technology after being away from it for nearly 5 years."

Barb Tawney
Systems Engineer
US Army


“Being knowledgeable is a very important aspect in facilitating a course. Equally important is an instructor’s ability to communicate and relate to the class. I felt that the instructor was very affective in this area. I enjoyed the labwork, it enhanced my learning greatly.”

Leslie Britt
Booz Allen Hamilton


“I enjoyed the way the instructor taught the class, he is a good instructor.  He is able to communicate well with all different levels of technical abilities and personalities. I loved how there was lot of knowledge crammed into a short period of time.”

Patrick F McKenna
US State Department


“This instructor is very, very knowledgeable about the course content and has an exemplary teaching style that is impossible to misunderstand or not comprehend the material shown. He's very patient with students, and makes a lot of effort to be sure that the materials studied are understood. He took great pains to ensure that we not only understood the material, but were able to demonstrate that we could perform what we were studying. I'm definitely going to advise co workers and friends to take this course from this instructor.”

Benjamin Heise
Senior Security Architect
Jacob and Sundstrom, Inc.


“The instructor provided real world scenarios that added value to course material. His explanations were well thought and his knowledge of the subject matter is unquestioned. Ethical Hacking is a very complicated set of material that was expressed very well in this course. I look forward to using these skills on the job.”

Jayce Hill
Booz Allen Hamilton

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