Data Recovery and Computer Forensics Boot Camp

This boot camp will help to prepare you for multiple certification exams in the exciting world of computer forensics and data recovery. Expertise in these fields is in high demand, due to the increase in cybercrime and the need for the recovery of data from damaged components. Learn more about this fascinating new career path today!

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Computer Forensics and Data Recovery Boot Camp

InfoSec Institute's Computer Forensics and Data Recovery course, delivered in the form of a 10 Day Boot Camp style course, is the industry's most comprehensive computer forensics and data recovery course available.

You will learn everything there is to know about computer forensics and data recovery, , from the use of enterprise computer forensics tools to analyze trace evidence left behind by computer criminals, to the recovery of data from totally damaged and destroyed hard drives.

The goal of this course is to help you master the skills needed in computer forensics and data recovery. You will also be prepared to take up to 4 certifications (CCFE, CCE, CHFI, CDRP)!

Computer crimes happen! Did you know that evidence can be found on freshly formatted hard drives, cell phones, and even digital cameras?

The rate of fraud, abuse and downright criminal activity on IT systems by hackers, contractors and even employees are reaching alarming rates. Corporate IT, Law Enforcement and Information Security Pros are often required to perform computer forensics duties on their jobs. In terms of job growth, nothing beats computer forensics as a career, and no one can beat InfoSec Institute as the best place to learn from a computer forensics training expert.

InfoSec Institute's Data Recovery Training course is the most hands on and highly technical logical and physical data recovery course available anywhere. You will learn the fundamentals of hardware data recovery which will enable you to properly diagnose dead drives and bring them back to life. You will also learn logical recovery for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, RAID arrays, Exchange server and even solid state flash NAND drives!

This class does not rely on you purchasing an expensive tool (such as the PC-3000).

Award Winning Training

CompTIA Outstanding Partnership Award EC-Council Circle of Excellence 2016 - Top 20 IT Training Company 2015 - Top 20 IT Training Company 2014 - Top 20 IT Training Company

Training Program Details:

Computer crime is here to stay. Computer Forensics Specialists are needed by today's companies to determine the root cause of a hacker attack, collect evidence legally admissible in court, and protect corporate assets and reputation. The best way to become a forensics expert is to attend a training session with a computer forensics training expert.

During InfoSec Institute's Computer Forensics Training course you will:

You will also learn how to create an effective computer crime policy, and gain the hands on skills to implement it.

After attending Computer Forensics Training, you will leave with a custom computer forensics toolkit that will enable you to perform a legally admissible forensics investigation and the skills to run the investigation properly. With InfoSec Institute's Data Recovery training, you will gain the skills to propel yourself to being one of the top data recovery engineers on the market today.

This hands-on computer forensics training offers practical experience in a wide array of computer forensics situations that are applicable to the real world. Learn everything relating to computer forensics --- from how to establish a proper chain of custody that is admissible in a court of law to recovering files from intentionally damaged media. 

Total Hands-On Lab Environment in Computer Forensics and Data RecoveryTraining:

Required Prerequisites:

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