Dan Hestad

Dan is security researcher and a senior instructor for InfoSec Institute at InfoSec Institute specializing in advanced technical training. He has an extensive background and interest in vulnerability research, secure coding, protocol analysis and cryptography. He also has experience in red team and deception operations, Information Operations and Information Warfare. Much of Dan's research remains classified. He has assisted several high profile cyber-investigations including Solar Sunrise.

Prior to his current position, Dan spent over 10 years running SIGINT operations for the United States Navy; collecting network based intelligence on such targets as narcotics traffickers, nuclear proliferation operations and counterterrorism targets. He spent 4 years at the NSA (National Security Agency) conducting vulnerability research and supporting national cyber intelligence operations. Dan also served as the Director of Security at MFS Investment Management in Boston, MA.

Dan completed his graduate studies at the Naval Postgraduate School and did extensive research into computational trust models. He also studied and taught at the National Cryptologic School. Dan has spoken at such venues as RSA, Gartner, and CSI.