Brian Greenberg

Brian Greenberg is an InfoSec Institute contributor and senior strategy consultant specializing in applying whole systems design to solving enterprise-wide challenges in technology-rich environments. Brian’s 20 years of experience includes information systems design, architecture and business operations, and spans environments ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. A sought-after thought leader in data protection, storage litigation readiness, eDiscovery, compliance, backup & archive, business continuance/disaster recovery and IT operations, Brian speaks regularly at industry events. His current business interests include running his product development company General System Dynamics, performing frequent strategy consulting engagements, and speaking at conferences such as Data 2.0, Storage Decisions, Data Center Decisions, CampIT and others.

Brian holds a B.S. in Philosophy & Applied Computer Science and a M.A. in Whole Systems Design/Systems Theory. He also sits on the Board of Directors of EcoMyths Alliance, a consortium of environmental and conservation partners.

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Brian Greenberg