Threat hunting foundations: People, process and technology

Ever wonder what threat hunting is all about? Join Infosec Principal Security Researcher Keatron Evans as he breaks down the basics of what it’s like to have a career hunting down potential cyber threats.

Watch for an inside look at a day in the life of a threat hunter, including: 

  • Why threat hunters are more critical today than ever before
  • Knowledge and skills needed to drive threat hunting success 
  • Live demos of essential threat hunting skills and tools used to detect and mitigate adversarial behavior

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P.S. Want to go even deeper into threat hunting? Don’t miss our advanced threat hunting session on June 28, Join the hunt: Threat hunting for proactive cyber defense.

  • Keatron Evans

    Guest speaker

    Keatron Evans

    Infosec Principal Security Researcher


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Threat hunting foundations: People, process and technology