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How to Boost Your Career & Earn More With a PMP Certification

Earning your PMP certification can increase your earnings by as much as 20%. Employers looking for project managers prefer PMP-certified professionals because it proves you know what it takes to manage projects efficiently, within budget and on-schedule.

The PMP certification will build your credibility in any industry. It also qualifies you to work as a project manager in the public sector and on government-funded projects. To help you understand the PMP certification process, we’ve asked Infosec instructor Chris Danek to discuss career opportunities for PMP holders and provide an overview of the PMP certification exam.

In this on-demand webinar, Chris will share:

  • The benefits of PMP certification
  • Career opportunities for PMP-certified professionals
  • PMP Boot Camp course overview, including course content and pace
  • Tips for PMP exam success
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    Chris Danek

    Instructor, Infosec