We offer training services for the following CompTIA certifications:

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Beginners, don't be afraid: provides the most comprehensive approach to CompTIA A+ certification. A+ certification leads to career advancement, personal improvement, skills enhancement, and higher salaries.


For a beginner to Network +, the instruction was excellent. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable which helped tremendously! -Joan Runkel, US Army Recruiting Command


The Security+ Boot Camp teaches you information security theory, as well as reinforces theory with hands-on exercises that help you "learn by doing".


CompTIA Linux+ Boot Camp covers all the objectives for CompTIA Linux+ certification, detailed exam prep, and time for the challenging exam in 5 days by extending the training into the evening and providing an all inclusive immersion experience.

CASP - CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner

The CASP (CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner) is one of the most highly sought after security certifications available today. Our 5 day boot camp provides you with everything you need to know to achieve this high level cert.

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Without any question, InfoSec has the most gifted individual instructors. Our instructor for this class was both an excellent educator and a premier/world class security expert. He was able to clearly explain and impart to the students, the most complicated security techniques I have ever heard of or imagined. I simply can not find the words to recommend him and Infosec security training more highly.
I have attended 4 other workshops like this but InfoSec's is by far the best one, and I already have recommended them to my colleagues and other IT professionals. I believe that a student's learning experience is reflective of the teacher's aptitude and knowledge on the subject and the skill to covey the information. Great instructor, great class.
Course material was more than sufficient to study for the exams. It was properly broken up into pieces that were easy to digest and were focused on exam materials. But the course wasn't just reading from a book, the instructor actually knew the material and taught it as such. He fielded hundreds of questions in the span of the boot camp without breaking a sweat. Highly recommended.

Aaron Dean Vendormate