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Infosec Skills

As you grow in your cybersecurity career, Infosec Skills is the platform to ensure your skills are scaled to outsmart the latest threats. With 500+ courses mapped to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, you’ll be able to take control of your career, get a step ahead of cybercriminals and learn to build defenses to counter tomorrow’s threats.

SkillSet got a major upgrade — and a brand new name.

The new Infosec Skills on-demand training platform takes the cybersecurity certification prep you’ve always loved about SkillSet and adds more content, more hands-on training and more ways to learn — all for a lower price. Prepare for your next certification and take charge of your career with Infosec Skills!

Infosec Skills Skillset
Certification practice questions X X
Cloud-hosted cyber ranges X X
500+ courses X
Hands-on projects X
Skill assessments X
Digital courseware X
Structured learning paths X
Infosec peer community X
New content every monthly X
Price $34/Month $99/Month

Cyber ranges

Whether you’re learning how to set up a network, perform a penetration test or defend critical infrastructure, hands-on experience is essential. Cyber ranges in Infosec Skills are cloud-hosted on virtual machines to provide the most realistic learning environment possible. Unlike typical simulations, you aren’t constrained to the lab steps — you can follow the steps as provided or explore the virtual machine on your own.

With 100+ labs and capture the flags covering a variety of topics, your can build your cybersecurity skills through relevant, practical training — and go into your next project or job role with confidence.

Custom practice exams

Custom practice exams let you choose between simulating a full certification exam or customizing the exam’s length and domains to fit your learning goals.

With thousands of practice questions available, you’ll be able to build your knowledge through targeted study, evaluate your exam readiness and go into your next certification exam with confidence.

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Annually. Includes all content plus team admin and reporting.