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Learn Networking Fundamentals

The Networking Fundamentals skill path is designed for network administrators looking to expand their knowledge of network protocols and technologies. The path includes a cyber range where you can practice your switching and routing skills.

5 courses  //   51 videos  //   23 hours of training

Network Fundamentals training

This learning path teaches you fundamental concepts behind networking and builds your networking knowledge through dozens of hands-on labs in the Networking Cyber Range. You’ll learn how to configure networks, manage networking infrastructure and troubleshoot common networking issues. As you progress through five courses and 36 labs, you’ll gain the knowledge and practical experience required for a variety of entry-level career roles.

Learning path components


What you’ll learn.

  • Networking concepts
  • Configuring routers and switches
  • Networking infrastructure, including DNS, DHCP, NTP and NAT
  • Networking maintenance
  • Troubleshooting networking issues
  • And more!

Who is this for?

A familiarity with networking concepts is recommended, but not required. This skill path is designed for:

  • Network technicians
  • IT and help desk support
  • Network administrators or engineers
  • Anyone wanting to build their networking skills and get hands-on experience!

Networking Cyber Range

This cyber range helps you develop your knowledge of configuring and troubleshooting networks by practicing on cloud-hosted virtual machines. You’ll build and reinforce your skills as you progress through labs covering a wide range of networking topics, including switches and routers, networking protocols, configuring and verifying different networking devices, and troubleshooting issues. You’ll also perform several labs designed to validate your VLAN and network management skills.


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Information Security Systems Officer

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