Learning Path

CompTIA A+

Learn the skills required for entry-level information technology careers.


  • Implementing Mass Storage Course — 01:53:39
    • K0032, K0109, K0114

      There’s more to storage than just keeping a backup. Expand your knowledge of RAID, file systems, dynamic disks and more.

  • Maintaining and Optimizing Operating Systems Course — 00:43:48
    • K0060, K0129, K0318, K0608, S0267

      Get the most out of your OS with this course covering maintaining and optimizing operating systems, system restore, backing up your files and more.

  • Users, Groups and Permissions Course — 01:04:02
    • K0117, K0608, S0267

      Make sure no one has access to the wrong information with this course on users, groups and permissions.

  • Windows Under the Hood Course — 01:22:02
    • K0116, K0129, K0132, K0192, K0271, K0318, K0608

      Take a closer look at Windows with this course covering the Windows registry, services, processes, toolset and more.

  • Building a PC Course — 00:54:55
    • K0035, K0036, K0060, K0109, K0114, K0271, K0608

      Improve your knowledge of booting, installing Windows, post-installation tasks and more.

  • Essential Peripherals Course — 01:13:48
    • K0109, K0114

      Update your knowledge of essential peripherals with this course on USB, optical media, Thunderbolt and more.

  • Virtualization Course — 00:48:56
    • K0104, K0130, K0609, K0610, S0073

      Dig deeper into the real details of the virtual world with this course on virtualization, covering cloud computing, virtual machines and more.

  • Working with the Command-Line Interface Course — 01:54:53
    • K0060, K0068, K0192, K0318, S0267

      Get to grips with the complexities of the command-line interface in this course that covers working with drives, files and folders, advanced Windows and Linux commands and more.

  • Troubleshooting Operating Systems Course — 00:45:28
    • K0060, K0224, K0318, S0067, S0142, S0151, S0267

      Explore the art of troubleshooting an OS with this course covering troubleshooting boot problems and applications, kernel panic and more.

  • Display Technologies Course — 00:53:37
    • K0109, K0114, S0142, S0151

      Keep an eye out for trouble with this course on display technologies. You’ll look at the details of resolutions and aspect ratios, multiple monitors, projects, graphics cards and more.

  • Essentials of Networking Course — 01:10:28
    • K0001, K0011, K0029, K0050, K0061, K0113, K0137, K0221, K0332, K0395, K0417, K0470, K0471, K0491, K0516, K0556

      Keep your machines talking to each other with this course on the essentials of networking, including hubs and switches, WANs and routers, structured cabling and more.

  • Local Area Networking Course — 03:26:31
    • K0011, K0029, K0050, K0113, K0221, K0332, K0395, K0491, K0516, K0556, S0168

      Explore the complexities of LAN with this course covering network IDs and subnet masks, router configuration, port forwarding and more.

  • Wireless Networking Course — 01:24:35
    • K0011, K0108, K0113, K0137, K0138, K0221, K0395, K0446, K0491, K0516, K0556, K0600, K0614

      Explore wireless networking with this course covering wireless network hardware, enterprise wireless, troubleshooting connections and more.

  • The Internet Course — 01:36:00
    • K0011, K0061, K0104, K0113, K0137, K0221, K0274, K0349, K0395, K0444, K0470, K0471, K0491, K0516, K0556, K0603

      Take ninety minutes to deepen your knowledge of the internet’s complexities with this ninety-minute course covering dial-up and broadband, remote desktop connections, FTP, proxy servers and more.

  • Mass Storage Technologies Course — 00:39:24
    • K0109, K0114

      Make sure you’re storing things the smart way with this course on mass storage technologies, including solid state drives, magnetic disk drives and SCSI.

  • Power Supplies Course — 01:06:11
    • K0109, K0114

      Power supplies aren’t as simple as they appear. Explore the details with this course on power supply design, protection, troubleshooting and more.

  • Motherboards Course — 00:41:25
    • K0109, K0114

      Brush up on your knowledge of the motherboard with this course on motherboard form factors, chipsets, installation and more.

  • Firmware Course — 00:35:40
    • K0088, K0109, K0224

      Explore one fundamental, permanent aspect of a system: firmware. In this course, you’ll look at BIOS, POST, System Setup and more.

  • RAM Course — 00:39:47
    • K0109

      Out of RAM, out of luck. Brush up on your knowledge of RAM with this course covering RAM installation, technology, types and more.

  • CPUs Course — 01:13:34
    • K0109, S0146

      Get to grips with the details of central processing units, or CPUs, with this course covering CPU cores, caching, sockets and more.

  • The Visible Computer Course — 01:18:39
    • K0109, K0224

      Brush up on your knowledge of computer hardware and software with this course on PC components, OS types, super users and more.

  • Safety and Professionalism Course — 00:37:12
    • K0030, K0109, K0265, S0070

      Professionalism and safety go hand-in-hand. Take a moment to review the fundamentals of professional communication, physical safety, troubleshooting theory and more.

  • Introduction to CompTIA A+ Course — 00:24:47
    • K0001, K0010, K0020, K0030, K0040, K0050, K0060, K0080, K0090, K0100, K0109, K0110, K0194, K0224, K0397, S0010, S0020, S0030, S0040, S0050, S0060, S0070, S0080, S0090, S0100, S0110

      Start your A+ journey off strong with this introductory course on the CompTIA A+ and its structure, uses and what to expect from the exam.

  • Getting Organized Course — 00:36:48
    • K0038, K0158, K0210, K0260, K0261, K0262

      Review your organization strategies with this course on documents, data, change management, data destruction and more.

  • Securing Computers Course — 01:31:08
    • K0160, K0392, K0412, K0440, K0480, K0612, S0076

      Get to grips with system attack and defense through this course on securing computers. Includes modules on physical security, social engineering, malware, incident response and more.

  • Printers and Multifunction Devices Course — 01:18:43
    • K0109, K0114, S0142

      Take a closer look at the world of printers with this course covering inkjet, thermal, impact and laser printers, printer installation and troubleshooting, 3D printing and more.

  • Care and Feeding of Mobile Devices Course — 00:51:19
    • K0114, K0224, K0283

      Dig deeper into mobile devices with this course covering mobile devices and email, synchronization, security and more.

  • Understanding Mobile Devices Course — 00:39:07
    • K0109, K0114, K0138, K0224, K0269, K0438, K0600, K0614

      Brush up on your knowledge of mobile devices with this course covering mobile connections, OSes and more.

  • Portable Computing Course — 00:38:59
    • K0109, K0114, K0491

      Laptops aren’t as simple as they appear. Improve your knowledge of portable computing with this course on laptop hardware, troubleshooting, displays and more.

  • A+ Practice Exam Assessment — 231 questions — 01:55:30
  • CompTIA A+ Skill Assessment Assessment — 229 questions — 01:54:30


What you will learn

This learning path prepares you to earn your A+ certification, one of the most popular credentials for technical support and other entry-level IT roles. You’ll learn the basics of installing, troubleshooting and supporting hardware and networks as you progress through 29 courses tied to the nine A+ certification exam objectives. Upon completion, you’ll have a foundation of knowledge and skills needed to start a career in a help desk, field service technician or other support role.

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Meet the author

Mike Meyers, affectionately called the “Alpha Geek,” is the industry’s leading authority on CompTIA certifications. He is the president and co-founder of Total Seminars, LLC, a provider of PC and network repair seminars, books, videos and courseware for thousands of organizations throughout the world. Mike has been involved in the computer and network repair industry since 1987 as a technician, instructor, author, consultant and speaker. He has sold over a million IT and certification books, including the best-selling CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide and CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide. He has personally taught thousands of students, including U.S. senators, U.S. Supreme Court Justices, members of the United Nation, every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, many branches of the Department of Justice, hundreds of corporate clients and academic students at every level.

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    • 190+ role-guided learning paths and assessments (e.g., Incident Response)
    • 100s of hands-on labs in cloud-hosted cyber ranges
    • Create and assign custom learning paths
    • Custom certification practice exams (e.g., CISSP, CISA)
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We use Infosec Skills to provide continuous training to our technicians and to prepare them for various certifications. Infosec Skills allows us to create personalized training programs that focus on each of our technicians’ particular roles and see their progress as they take courses. We also, recommend it to clients to make their IT support teams better.

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This has been utilized to bridge the skills gap across our cyber team and to aid them as they prepare for their various certifications. It also has provided a nice learning foundation for our various cyber team members to utilize as we continue to find ways for cross-utilization with operations while minimizing the downtime needed to ensure everyone’s knowledge is the same.

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We use Infosec Skills to provide base level knowledge for employees. We also use the services to provide in depth learning for employees as they encounter new technologies. If an employee is is assigned to a new project, we can rely on Infosec Skills to provide a rapid concentrated learning environment. This rapid concentrated learning positions our employees for success.

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