Hands-on learning with cyber ranges

Build your team's cybersecurity skills and gain practical experience with 100+ hands-on labs.

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Get hands-on cybersecurity experience

Whether your team is learning how to set up a network, perform a penetration test or defend critical infrastructure, hands-on experience is essential. Cyber ranges in Infosec Skills are cloud-hosted on virtual machines to provide the most realistic learning environment possible. Unlike typical simulations, your team isn’t constrained to the lab steps — they can follow the steps as provided or explore the virtual machine on their own.

With 100+ labs and capture the flags covering a variety of topics, your team can build their cybersecurity skills through relevant, practical training — and go into their next project or job role with confidence.

Build your team's cybersecurity skills

Learn router configuration, Wi-Fi password cracking, honeypots, privilege escalation and more.

Seven cyber ranges Explore 100+ labs across seven cyber ranges — plus several new cyber ranges coming soon
Real-world environments Practice skills on cloud-hosted virtual machines for realistic, hands-on learning
Immediate feedback Learn by doing with step-by-step instructions and guidance when it's needed most

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