Phishing Simulation & Anti-Phishing Training | PhishSim by SecurityIQ

Reduce Risk With Phishing Simulation & Anti-Phishing Training

It takes just one click to take down your entire network. Teach your team how to detect and prevent phishing attacks with realistic anti-phishing simulations from PhishSim™.

Mitigate the Phishing Threat With Anti-Phishing Simulations

Don’t just tell your employees about the risks of phishing, show them with PhishSim’s realistic simulations. It includes 100s of phishing templates in multiple languages and difficulty levels. PhishSim is powered by SecurityIQ™ analytics, so you can adjust simulation difficulty based on your team’s aptitudes, roles and past performance.

If your team takes the bait, they will learn exactly what they missed in real time. SecurityIQ analytics will log the event and enroll high-risk employees into additional training.


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